Leap of Faith

My husband is a leaper. He regularly takes giant leaps of faith because he doesn’t really consider them to be leaps. He trusts God like no one I’ve ever met. This is not to say that he doesn’t have bouts of nervousness – he’s human. Or that he doesn’t carry weight on his shoulders sometimes…He […]

Don’t Miss the Balloon

I’ve heard it said on several occasions that the stories that truly capture our hearts and imaginations tend to have biblical themes. There is a hero who comes to rescue, and there is typically a sacrifice to be made. I’ve found this to be true over the years. Recently though, what I’ve also discovered to […]

Shrimp “Fried” Couscous

Alright, so it’s not “fried” at all, it’s a lot healthier than it’s counterpart, Shrimp Fried Rice, but it’s just as yummy…I’m calling this one,  Shrimp Fried Couscous. A few days ago I was at Trader Joes picking up about a mountain of groceries and was lured towards the back of the store by the yummy smell […]

Best Friends and Beluga Whales

My husband is my best friend.  And we both love Beluga whales. I know…those two sentences are just weird together. But it’s true and you’ll find out what any of it has to do with anything in just a moment. On our way to Julian! Yay First Anniversary Trip! Since Kevin and I decided to go […]

Birthday Gifts from God

Tomorrow is my birthday…and I thought I’d start a new tradition as I hit the big 3-8 in less than 45 minutes.  Get ready for a little freestyle here ok? I apologize for any grammatical errors.  I’m usually all about the big edit but, something about this feels like it needs to happen and be published at exactly […]



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